About Us

Incorporated in 2014, the two founding directors of Principus Studios jointly have over 50 years expertise in providing software solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors.
Dr Jan Birley

Jan Birley, PhD: Jan has been involved in the software and IT business since completing her PhD at the University of Leeds, England, in 1994. Jan has developed more than 20 published mobile apps across iOS and Android.  Jan also has a strong background in IT training and the creation and delivery of training courses. Jan previously held the prestigious title of IITT Training Manger of the Year. This experiences comes through in the development of their custom solutions to ensure ease of use.

Stephen Monteith, BSc (Eng) Hons: since graduating from Imperial College, London, in 1986, Stephen has focussed on developing client-server based systems, with a range of large and small scale applications in live use across the UK, including a national resource-booking system and a food-scheduling application. Across the large range of projects that Stephen has delivered for various sized clients, he had developed a particular expertise in documenting requirements and analysing business processes. Stephen is an expert in .Net and database development and is also a seasoned developer across a range of other languages, including, C, C++ and Java.

Steve Monteith

Stephen and Jan established Principus Studios with the aim of taking an innovative approach to further developments for niche markets, including silent auction fundraising and the equestrian market.

Principus Studios currently has a new innovative device in prototype development, in partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Leeds. This device is set to offer significant benefits to it's target audience - watch this space!