Auctioneer – The Complete Silent Auction System

Auctioneer Silent Auction Mobile App

Auctioneer – Complete Silent Auction System

We produce expertly developed solutions including integrated mobile app with back-end database and online technologies. Our flagship solution, Auctioneer, delivers a complete and comprehensive silent auction system that is easy to use, cutting-edge and, above all, reliable. Now in full & exclusive operation in the UK with a leading provider of technology-assisted silent auctions, Auction-Pad, we are actively seeking partners in other countries to work with our solution.

If you have considered expanding your business into area of technology-assisted silent auctions but the cost of a custom development is prohibitive, Auctioneer may be the solution for you. Please call or email for more information.

Our system is proven in action with 100% no crashes in live operation. 


Silent Auction tablet menu view
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